WORLD U20 – IJF Extraordinary Congress

The IJF Extraordinary Congress was held in Bangkok, Thailand with the only Agenda point being the passing of the new IJF Statute. The New Statute which raises the number of Executive Committee members due to the many new project that need to be achieved, defines the following Technical Team for the term of the current president Mr. Marius L. Vizer:


Vladimir Barta – Head Sports Director

Haruki Uemura – Sports Director

Francois Besson – Sports Director

Armen Bagdasarov – Sports Director

Ignacio Aloise – Sports Director

Juan Carlos Barcos – Head Referee Director

Jan Snijders – Referee Director

Alejandro Blanco -Olympic Solidarity Director

Mohamed Meridja – Education Director

Jean-luc Rouge – Project Director

Zahonian Song – Marketing Director

Habib Sissoko – Development Manager


The remainder of the EC are the single elected positions of the President, General Secretary, General Treasurer and Vice President (Presidents of Continental Unions) which all remain the same. Represented at the congress were 159 Member Federations, who voted on the passing of the new statutes. The final vote was 135 for the new statute and 25 against. The new statutes will be available on the IJF website in three languages in the very near future. 


International Judo Federation