“Acropolis 2009”:181 Ippons,181 “smiles”

The 3rd International Tournament “Acropolis 2009” which was hosted in Municipal Sport Hall “Galanopoulos”, in Loutraki gave much pleasure to the Voluntary Organization for the children, “To Hamogelo tou paidiou” (“Smile of the child”). The 181 Ippons that were gained (in a total of 220 fights) offered a small but significant amount of money (5 euros per Ippon) to the not-for-profit organization, if only to consider its great needs but also its contribution to the Greek society.


“It is certain that with this amount of money the needs of the organization cannot be satisfied. Nevertheless, we believe that with this particular action we contribute to the alertness of the Greek society and we make obvious that athletics, apart from being a national treasure, could also contribute to the social ideals for the benefit of the young people. Athletics and Judo in particular, are synonymous to the social contribution and will continue to contribute with my personal as well as the whole HJF’s support. This contribution not only to the athletics but the society too, has been, is and will always be our greatest target!” emphasized the president of Hellenic Judo Federation, Vangelis Soufleris.


The check was received by Mr. Christos Kamilatos, the General Secretary of the Voluntary Organization.