Two gold medals in the finals and a 2nd place for Turkey at the Athens Junior European Cup

Two gold medals in the finals and a 2nd place for Turkey at the Athens Junior European Cup

For the third time in the last four editions of the Athens Junior European Cup, Turkey has taken a place among the top three cpuntries of the overall ranking. After its dominant presence in 2017 with a total of 21 medals which meant achieving the top of the overall ranking, the Turkish delegation is now in the second place in the overall ranking as was in 2015, with two gold, three silver and five bronze medals.

Both golds were won during the last day of the Ano Liosia event having as protagonists GUNER Furkan at +100 kg and KALENDER Mine at +78 kg category.

“We are very pleased with the performance of our athletes.We have been preparing for this event since the beginning of the year. The vast number of medals my country conquered, rightfully demonstrate the skills of our judoka who fought amidst a warm atmosphere that gave them strength and motivation. We undoubtedly deserved the second place on the medal table, because we had been doing a lot of work all these years. During the three latest editions, we have won many medals at the Athens Junior European Cup, a very strong tournament that gives us the opportunity to measure ourselves against strong opponents. Furthermore, the Greek athletes showed potential and we thoroughly enjoyed the games between us. The fact that we are now competing at an event that bears the name of the great Ilias Iliadis is very exciting. For all of us in the Turkish delegation, Ilias Iliadis has been a glorious legend like no other. We will surely come again, as we are now leaving with the best of impressions, “said the coach of the Turkish team DİYARBAKIR Nurullah.

Meanwhile, Belarus was ranked first with three gold and two bronze medals, while Kosovo was placed third with two gold and one bronze.


TSOUMITAS Dimitris saved the Greek prestige

TSOYMITAS Dimitris was the protagonist of the sole medal for Greece in the Athens Junior European Cup. The 19-year-old athlete, who won the bronze medal in the European Cadets Championships in Sofia in 2015, was for the second time of his career on the winner podium at Iliadis Cup, but this time on the second step, while in 2017 he was first in the +100 kg category.

Adding the TSOUMITAS medal, Greece reached 63 in total of this event. They were left without a gold medal for the first time since 2016 and it is only the second time that they have remained gold-less during the 10 versions of the tournament.