Tbilisi 2009-Review 2nd day

EJU Article – Four different countries (Slovenia, Ukraine, France and Russia) winning the gold at day 2.


The gold medal of Ivan Nifontov for Russia was the third gold medal after yesterdays two Russian titles for Kuzyutina (U52) and Galstyan (U60). Russia is now leading the medal table winning five medals: 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze.


So far nine different countries have won silver. The total participating countries is 39, and we have five weight categories to look forward on Sunday.


Slovenia celebrated its second gold medal ever in the history of the European Championships, with Urska Zolnir. In total Slovenia have won 2 gold medals, 2 silver, and 13 bronze including the surprising Aljaz Sedej (U81) who beat Olympic Champion Ole Bischof.


All Olympic gold medalists (Giulia Quintavalle, Alina Dumitru and Ole Bischof) have not been able to extend their performance in Tbilisi.


Antonio Ciano won the 50th silver medal ever for Italy. Thirty for the women, twenty for the men. Italy have won 24 European gold medals.


Host country Georgia won its second medal as Levani Tsiklauri won the bronze U81kg while Nestor Khergiani already won the bronze on Friday.


Yesterday Miklos Ungvari (HUN) won the European title, his 8-year younger brother Attila fought for bronze today, but lost his bout. Dex Elmont however did improve his older brother Guillaume Elmont for the first time winning the silver medal.


Ukraine won its 8th ever gold medal. Volodymyr Soroka beat Dex Elmont (NED) in the final. Genadiy Bilodid was the first to win gold for Ukraine in 2001. He also won in 2003. Marina Prokofieva is the only woman who won the gold for Ukraine (2004).