Rotterdam ready to receive the World Judo Championships 2009

Seven reigning Olympic Champions and nine defending World Champions to be seen on the mat Rotterdam is ready to receive the top judo athletes for the 26th World Senior Championships, to take place at the Ahoy Indoor Stadium from 26th to 30th August. Called the European Capital of Sports in 2005, Rotterdam has “dressed up” for the event, with flags advertising the event all over the 582.0000 people city. Dutch stars Henk Grol and Deborah Gravenjstijn appear on posters and all merchandising related to the competition. The Organizers expect 25 thousand spectators during the five-day event. Tickets are sold out for the weekend (29th and 30th). Not less than seven TV Broadcasters will show the combats live covering a huge audience in all continents.


Around 660 judoka from 105 countries are expected to be competing next week, with not less than seven reigning Olympic champions and nine defending world champions to be seen on the mat. Numbers are to be confirmed during the draw of tables, to take place on Tuesday 25th.


It is the third time that Holland hosts a judo World Championships, both times in Maastricht (1981, male, and 1986, female). Rotterdam itself has received two European Championships in 1957 and 2005.


Reigning Olympic Champions (Beijing 2008) to compete in the 26th World Judo Championships are: Min-Ho Choi (KOR, 60kg), Masato Uchishiba (JPN, 66kg), Ole Bischof (GER, 81kg), Irakli Tsirekidze (GEO, 100kg, won in 90kg), Alina Dumitru (ROU, 48kg), Giulia Quintavalle (ITA, 57kg) and Wen Tong (CHN, +78kg). The reigning champions from Rio 2007 in Rotterdam are: Ruben Houkes (NED, 60kg), Ki-Chu Wang (KOR, -73kg), Tiago Camilo (BRA, 90kg, won 81kg), Irakli Tsirekidze (GEO, 100kg, won in 90kg), Luciano Correa (BRA, 100kg), Teddy Riner (FRA, +100kg), Gevrise Emane (FRA, 63kg, won in 70kg), Wen Tong (CHN, +78kg), Maki Tsukada (JPN, +78kg, won open).



23rd August – IJF Ordinary Congress

9h30 to 10h – Photo opportunity to the media

After the congress – Report to the media on the discussions


25th August – IJF Press Conference, Rotterdam Town Hall

17h – With presence of IJF President Marius Vizer, IJF Sports Director

Vladimir Barta, IJF Refereeing Director Juan Carlos Barcos, JBN President, Jos Hell, former Olympic and World Champion David Douillet, Dutch Athletes.


25th August – Draw of Tables, Rotterdam Town Hall 18h


26th August – Ahoy Sports Hall

9h30 – Preliminaries 60kg, 66kg, 48kg

13h – Opening ceremony

14h – Final block/medals


27th August – Ahoy Sports Hall

9h30 – Preliminaries 73kg, 52kg, 57kg

14h – Final block/medals


28th August – Ahoy Sports Hall

9h30 – Preliminaries 81kg, 63kg

14h – Final block/medals


29th August – Ahoy Sports Hall

9h30 – Preliminaries 90kg, 70kg, 78kg

14h – Final block/medals


30th August – Ahoy Sports Hall

9h30 – Preliminaries 100kg, +100kg, +78kg

14h – Final block/medals