Over 700 athletes expected to compete in Rotterdam

In August world”s best judoka join together in Rotterdam to compete for the world title. The Dutch Judo Federation (JBN), host and organizer of this great event, welcomes about 700 judoka from 100 countries from all over the world.


Some well-known judo teams have announced their participation in JUDO2009, such as France, Japan and the Democratic People”s Republic of Korea. But also less-known “judocountries” will travel to The Netherlands, such as Yemen, Nigeria and Peru. Underneath you will find a list with countries present in Rotterdam for JUDO2009. More countries will join these 33 nations in the coming weeks.


Participating countries

Armenia, Aruba, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Replubic, Dominican Republic, DPR Korea, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Iran, Japan, Korea, Kyrgyz Republic, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Peru, Romania, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States of America, Yemen.


For further information please access: www.judo2009.com