Headquarters move to Lausanne. No proxies accepted anymore

In the presence of 108 countries, it was approved by the IJF Congress that the official headquarters from the International Judo Federation will move from Ireland to Lausanne. The Swiss city already hosts the seat of the International Olympic Committee and other 25 sports federations and organizations.


“We are already taking all necessary legal steps to make this important change”, says IJF President Mr. Marius Vizer, remembering that IJF will be able to establish a even closer relationship with the IOC.


Another important step taken in the Congress is the decision to abolish the proxies for the next Congresses. That means, a country can only be represented in a official IJF meeting if an official representative is there. Until today, proxies were accepted what made one country have the right of four votes sometimes.


“This aims to avoid corruption and create a healthy democratic environment. It is very important for the future of judo”, highlighted Mr. Vizer.