EJU Refereeing and Coaches seminar in Puglia

In preparation of the EC seniors and teams in Vienna and the period of Olympic qualification, the EJU arranged the yearly seminar for referees and coaches together in Puglia in Italy. The seminar was directed by Jan Snijders, EJU Referee Director and Daniel Lascau, Vice-President Sports of EJU.


89 Referees and coaches from 42 countries participated at this seminar. Special guests at this seminar were the President of EJU, Sergey Soloveychik, the General Treasurer Dr. Laszlo Toth, the IJF Head Referee Director Juan Barcos and the General Secretary of EJU Envic Galea.


This seminar was very well organized by the Italian federation, under the direction of Pasquale Chyurlia and his staff from the region Puglia. The seminar was run on two days, and included both practice on the tatami and theory. There was a lively discussion about 60 examples of the brand new IJF DVD “World Flashes 2010” and finaly every participant got the new DVD together with the results of our common discussion and conclusion.